Friday, December 14, 2012

A Conversational Manifesto II

The Internal Dialogue (ID) Continues...
ID: When are you going to blog?

JDH: I plan to blog when I want to say something, not on a regular schedule.

ID: Won't this produce frustrated readers, clamoring for content?

JDH: Perhaps, but that's what RSS Feeds are for. It will alert followers when the Spirit has moved me to produce another entry. Readers should expect OCCASIONAL pieces rather than scheduled production.

ID: How will this relate to your academic writing?

JDH: The rule has to be that academic writing will come first. If blogging will assist that, great. If it becomes a distraction it will have to go.

ID: Are there any blogs you look to as models?

JDH: Can I name 3 blogger friends and one group? All of them inspire me to do my best work for this blog.


ID: So, you'll be copying them?

JDH: Nope. I respect them all, but I hope to put my own imprint on this project.

ID: One more thing: you're employed at Northwestern College. Are you giving voice to the institution's perspective?

JDH: Emphatically Not. This blog will represent my own opinions, not that of my employer. It should not be construed in any way as representing the opinion of Northwestern or any other member of the Northwestern community.

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  1. You should add a "follow/RSS" button or "Join This Site" button on the right tab to make it easy for people to add your site to their reader. Also, some historical pictures would be good.
    -Josh (Sarah is logged-in, and I don't feel like changing it)